Blogging: Figure Photography

I have been taking photos of my figures with my new camera for a few months now and wanted to share my favorite photos here! Note that they are not perfect and I am still experimenting.

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Blogging: New Desk Area

Getting a new desk was on my wish list for so many months, even years. I kept telling myself that my old one was still big and good enough though, even if it wasn’t the case. One on hand, I really wanted a new one, on the other, I didn’t want to get rid of my old one I had for almost 15 years. The big change finally happened last week and I’m actually pretty happy I finally took that decision!

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Shopping: May/June Figure Loot

I already posted this loot picture on MyFigureCollection a few days ago but decided to make a very short post about it here as well! Since I have been collecting a lot more figures during the past few months, I decided to put all of my recently acquired figures together and here is the result.

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Shopping: Games Haul April/May/June

It has been a while since I wrote about my last ‘games haul’ so I decided to make a new one with all the games I bought the last three months!

Games Haul

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Shopping: Figure – Daryl Dixon Deluxe Action Figure

I know, it has been a very long while since I posted something here. Time and motivation are back now and I have so many ideas for articles that I wasn’t sure where to start. But decided to start with something I did today, a small photo shoot to be precise.

Went to Cologne with the family yesterday, and among some other nice things, I found this amazing 10-inch/25 cm Daryl Dixon figure from The Walking Dead. So I decided to take some nice photos with the camera I got for my birthday a short while ago, and here is the result.

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