Games Haul February & March

Like every year, February and March are filled with new games. I got my hands on so many but unfortunately didn’t even have the chance to start or finish most of them.

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Previously in 2013: Fandoms

After writing about my best moments in 2013 article, I wanted to share some thoughts on my favorite fandoms of last year. It was hard to make a choice, really. I discovered and liked so many different things in 2013. But here are some of my favorite and most memorable ones!

Fandoms Collage 2013-01v03

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Previously in 2013: Best Moments

First of all: Happy New Year everyone!! Hope everyone is going to have a great year and that it already started nicely. I’m a bit late (as usual), I know, but had to study for my exams the last few weeks and it was really stressful. Now that all of that is over, I can focus on other things. :green:

I wanted to share something a bit more personal this time, my ‘best moments’ of last year, or things that I liked doing or changed in my life! I wasn’t really sure how I should structure this article, so I ended up making two collages with photos I took over the year, this one and another one about my favorite fandoms of 2013 which I will share in another post (it’s already written, so I will actually publish it after this one :P ) Anyway, time to explain this little collage.

Best Moments 2013-01v03

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[Figures] Play Arts Kai Raiden

Hohoho two posts in a row and it didn’t take me 2 months to write it? I’m so proud.
Today, I went Christmas shopping with my parents and managed to get some presents or ideas of what I can get people (really don’t want to do this in last minute again).

The PS4 launched yesterday in Europe and since I didn’t pre-order it, I wasn’t able to get one. Seeing people getting excited about it made me wish I would have done that though, so I was kind of hoping to still find one somewhere, but no chance of course. It was sold out everywhere (apparently in the entire country) and I won’t be able to get one until next year. A bit disappointed at first (even if I totally saw this coming), I ended up leaving the store with something else instead. :green:

Raiden Figure-01

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[Blogging] Back again?

Seems like it. After a longish hiatus (last one was in September, and I haven’t even posted the second part of my gamescom article yet :( ), I decided that it was about time to blog again. I missed it so much, but my current situation doesn’t give me a lot of time to post anything.

I am studying in France now, not too far from where I live, but still far enough that I come home quite late and can hardly find time to play any games or keep updated on my favorite shows for example. It also drives me crazy that I don’t have much contact with friends or can’t see my family regularly enough because of the situation lately. It really makes me sad, but I decided to take this road, so I kind of have to live with the consequences.


Have a random, (super hipster) picture of my desk and books I need to read. My assignment will be about video games, so it’s not that bad after all. ;)

Right now, I should do other things with my time than blog (well actually read these books), but as I said before, I really missed writing, sharing things or editing images, and I just have the impression that something is missing in my life. It has always been a part of me and something I loved doing, so I really want to go back to it as fast as possible.

I am not sure how much time I will have during the next three weeks to blog though, since things will get really busy towards the end of the semester. Even if I have a lot of new article ideas, I’m not sure when I’ll be able to write everything down and don’t want to say that I will for sure keep the blog updated if I just can’t find the time or lack the energy to do it. But I think that already writing this down is a good start and that it will keep me motivated to update the blog more regularly again. :green: