Event: Gamescom 2014

I know I’m a bit late with this article but still wanted to share my experience at gamescom this year! This was my 4th time visiting gamescom and I’m always looking forward to that time of the year, since I just love going to Cologne with my friends and having fun there for a few days. Gamescom this year was even bigger and more crowded than last year, which made it really hard to play games and also to take good pictures. Not going to write a long description about each booth, just mainly want to share photos of my experience there.

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Blogging: Figure Photography

I have been taking photos of my figures with my new camera for a few months now and wanted to share my favorite photos here! Note that they are not perfect and I am still experimenting.

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Blogging: New Desk Area

Getting a new desk was on my wish list for so many months, even years. I kept telling myself that my old one was still big and good enough though, even if it wasn’t the case. One on hand, I really wanted a new one, on the other, I didn’t want to get rid of my old one I had for almost 15 years. The big change finally happened last week and I’m actually pretty happy I finally took that decision!

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Shopping: May/June Figure Loot

I already posted this loot picture on MyFigureCollection a few days ago but decided to make a very short post about it here as well! Since I have been collecting a lot more figures during the past few months, I decided to put all of my recently acquired figures together and here is the result.

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Shopping: Games Haul April/May/June

It has been a while since I wrote about my last ‘games haul’ so I decided to make a new one with all the games I bought the last three months!

Games Haul

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